New York, I’m gonna miss you…

You remember my first post and how i did not like the train and other stuff and was not used to the “organized” streets and all..

Now, i have tears in my eyes.. I’m leaving NY tomorrow morning to California. I will really miss the city.. i miss the international face it has, ill miss the trains and food and streets and shops, but most of all, i will miss my friends (co-workers) here… and especially my manager who is the most supportive manager i have ever seen.. I will really miss everything here, i will miss the donuts every morning and the lunch with them.. I will miss it all… We will still work together but of course ill be in Jordan. Chris (manager) Jin, Nick, Anil, Tyh and Rob. everyone is special.

I dont know where days would take me but i will never forget these two weeks working here… Huge experience and fun. Thank you guys for making my stay here the best ‘adventure’ in my life. I will surely see you another time.. inshallah

NJ girls 🙂 how can i forget you..Batoul, Dann and Lima.. MY GIRLS 🙂 im gonna miss you a lot. even if it was only for a day but it meant a lot to me.. come to Jordan.. your turn now 🙂

Cya later New York

6 thoughts on “New York, I’m gonna miss you…

  1. *Heart broken* NY, NJ, America kolha wo Batoul are gonna miss you. I hope you a safe trip! You’ll see how dirty Jersey is in comparison to Cali lool bas still, we’re the metropolitans here 😉 Can’t regret us. walek I hate goodbyeeeeees STOP IT! :hug:

  2. Mitress Jansait’s desk , I like that 🙂

    Did you manage to take the double decker bus tour around the city ? I liked it eventhough it was raining. Would have loved it if the weather was nice as it seems to be in your photos.

  3. I can understand you’ll miss NY – you had a BLAST there and were together with GREAT folks but believe me – you’re gonna LOOOOVE California!!

    I’ll do my BEST to come one day to Amman … I fell in love with Amman many years ago and absolutely WANT to come again!

    Have a FANTASTIC TIME Jano … you deserve every minute of it – and say HI to California from me!!

    LUV YA!!!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man! I hate goodbyes! And the “mistress was here”… made me almost cry cuz this is what we wrote when we graduated!!!

    God bless and hope you have a great move!

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