Tooteh, Mars, Lost, Hungry, Fun

So a girls day out was a day i would never forget.. it was me, Batoul, Dana and Lima

First, Batoul passed by my cousin’s house in Wayne and we went to the circassian association in NJ, its really nice and big. then we went to pick up the other girls and our journey has started after taking Dana with us ..

First, of course, girls went shopping πŸ˜€ yay! hehe then we went to Jersey City for the Liberty Science Center. we watched a movie there about Mars, a scientific movie about how they sent robots or these things to mars. and YES I CIRIED OVER A SCIENCE MOVE 😦 it was really touchy and amazing, specially when “independent” Spirit landed on Mars after there was no signal received from it. it was really great moment 😦

Now, we were supposed to go directly to a place to eat, of course after millions of trials to find our street hehehe Ms Map and Ms Batoul were totally lost Adventure lol. it was like we were only paying tolls and passing those bridges again and again and again.. Finally we found a place to eat, after we got in and looked at the menu and decided what we want to eat, Batoul came up with the idea that we go to eat at that 5 star restaurant, and sure we lost our way again hehe then we found it and Batoul decided to show me first her University which is very close to that restaurant.
Her Uni was really nice but we were too hungry and cold! so we just ran to the car and oh i forgot to tell you that we started eating bezer in the car because we were too Hungry !! lol you’ll see the pics! (when batoul sends them)

So after we got to the restaurant, we had to go first in circles in the parking to find a place to stop! then like 20 minutes waiting for a table. BUT it was really worthy! the food was awesome and the service was nice (although they missed with Batoul’s and Lima’s order) then after taking pics at that place we were too exhausted and wanted to get back home!

I had to say goodbye to those really amazing three girls 😦 Love you girls and now your turn to come to amman and we hang out in my car πŸ˜‰ dont worry im Ms Map in Jordan hehe

Thank you Batoul, Dana and Lima for the best time ever with people i just met .. it was like i know you since a long time!

Love :*

10 thoughts on “Tooteh, Mars, Lost, Hungry, Fun

  1. Honey el robot was called “spirit” eli landed, shaklo too moved by the scene lool. 3njad it was a pleasure to have you… I added el pictures to facebook mbare7 after being pressures by Dana wo Leema lol. And a3deh btetkhawati? walek of course you’re ms. map in Jordan. Ad 7aretna eh lool. Bas ana so clueless about Jordan, I would get lost in no time.

    Inty kteer areebeh 3al alb wo it was so fun to be with you. It sucked driving back after dropping everyone home 😦 Wo Dana thought I was rediculous for being so touched and about to cry when I was driving away loool… :hug:

  2. Slight correction: If you remember, I was in movie mode with Tooteh’s camera, so we missed that exit and my bearing got a little screwed up. You can even tell by the video. I was shooting the plane lifting off, and we missed that critical exit. May I also say, that in my 20 years of living in NJ- that was the first time I ever traveled on the NJ Turnpike, I try to avoid it cuz its confusing with ridiculous signage. And I’m still Ms. Map. Cuz, I held the map the whole way. So instead of saying “Lost” say “ADVENTURE!” πŸ˜€

    Lol,there was no ‘indepenedent’. And the rover that made it is called Spirit. The other one was Opportunity. I teared up a little when they succeeded. But, I was tough girl and didn’t show it. πŸ˜‰

    And Tooteh, I didn’t think you were ridiculous. We all had a fabulous time, but we shared an entire day together and created so many happy memories. Don’t focus at the end of the good time, instead focus on the good memories!

    Loved having you here…. grace us with your presence again! πŸ™‚

  3. 7abeebte tooteh :* 😦 i wish i drove you back home instead :* ill check facebook pics and put a link here maybe hehe

    Dann 7aram 3aleke at least battoul was not touched 3al movie :p

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