NY, through my eyes

No more strangers! :p

 Past two days the weather was really nice, sunny and warm. but the days before they were really cold and i was freezing! ONLY for me! all kept saying that the weather is nice but i was freezing! they explained that compairing to the winter they had.

Anyway, Now i know what to answer when they ask me what train do you take lol im being asked this question on a daily basis and i say what you mean what train? lol now i know! I take the Path train hehe there is F and V and Path, i still dont know why V and F, will look it up later.

What i like about NY is, no matter how busy the day is or what time, the park is almost full. especially during the lunch time, all of them are out, eating, walking their dog, enjoying the sun, or feeding their babies under the sun 🙂 i just like it.

Food, ALL kinds of food in the same street or avenue. Just love it! i still did not see Halal food but they told me there are many. anyway, seeing all kind of food and available al the time and most important, at least for the restaurants or cafe’s ive been to, is that they make everything infront of you, add/remove change whatever you want cuz its all infront of you.

BJ’s 😀 ok, for those who dont know BJ’s (like me) hehehe It’s a supermarket that sell by dozens or whatever and you have to own the membership card with you! I went there because i couldnt locate the supermarket. but! i did not know what BJ is .. i saw people coming out with stuff so i thought this is what i want! hell with “shop right” which i knew is just next to BJ’s. anyway, i got in and love it! everything is there, though its not tidey but all! i looked for cheese and bread.. i think the one i took would last forever. and i took also bread (like 10) and saw that 6 pack pringles..wow! would be nice for the hotel nights alone hehe took it. then went to pay and leave, waited too long until my turn to know then that i should have had the membership card lol i was like WT* why in the hell would that make sense! i offered him to pay by visa or mastercard or cash but no! it should be the card. he told me to go to the services corner where there is another line! i asked a couple who were waiting about this and they told me that i should have the card and i can use their! woohoo No! because when i was done, i wanted a plastic bag to put my stuff in (cheese, bread and 6 PACKS of pringles) “they dont give bags here 🙂 ” good i was carrying my bag with me so i put the stuff in.

Accidents; before couple of days there was an “semi” accident infront of the office. fire truck and police and ambulance where there in a min! later, i knew why firemen came, because they have to prove they are required + money! anyway, will we see that in Jordan? beow much and cause before i came here, there was an accident where police came after dono how much and no firemen. whatever!

Now internet, this is for IT guys; ping to yahoo from Jordan and NJ are as follows 😀

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 206ms, Maximum = 215ms, Average = 208ms 

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 8ms, Maximum = 8ms, Average = 8ms

Now, leave you with couple of photos, and more photos in my USA Ikbis Album

5 thoughts on “NY, through my eyes

  1. loool about BJ’s. El card is not to pay with waleh bas its a membership card in order to buy from the store. You were better off with shoprite in ur case lol. Im so glad you’ve been getting around and im SO excited to see you bokra. shaklo you’re not gonna want to go to NY? mashi we’ll stay Jersey 😉

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