I miss my car and a stranger

I really do!

 Here in NY and NJ people are used to take the subways and trains, IM NOT!! and i dont like it at all.. You think it would be cool but when its like a thousand person in the same spot standing and holding the same pole and uh my god! i want my car 😦 you really cant imagine that im suffering! i would not in one case, if that was my life i then would get used to it..

Today i felt faint, actually still do! and i cant like take my car and just go home in 10 minutes. i had to wait a lil in the office (they offered a car service but i did not want that) and then when i felt like i can walk, i went out and walked and walked forever! like 500 meters!!! maybe more! i dont know! and passed the subway stairs and kept walking then i realised i did and walked back! why is that!! huh??

the other thing is people! too many people at the same place, same train , same spot. its cool but not when everyone is sticked to the other! where is my space? im gone just because im “skinny” and they are all tall and stuff.

something else, when was the last time i stopped someone on the street or someone stopped me? i dont even remember! i have to stop people on the street everyday because i still dont get the streets naming style! east and west and avenue, bla bla. im not used to organised streets. a lil mess please!

something else and INTERESTING !! I was walking to the office when a guy stopped me shaking hands.

Stranger: Hi my name is Kenney. whats your name?
Jano: Jansait!!
Stranger: Hi!! how are you?? (like he finally found me!)
Jano: hey im fine? (what do you want- look on face)
S: what do you do for living?
J: (he needs money?) I work!
S: you work in the neigbour hood? (so interested and excited)
J: Yeah?!
S: thats nice! i work just over there, do you pass here everyday? just knock on the door ! Im from Malta, we are half arabic half spanich. keef halak? mosh hazeen 😀
J: hahaha yeah thats nice : )
S: where are from?
J: Jordan.
S: where is that?
J: ME.
S: You’re a very pretty and beautiful girl!
J: (now what???) thanks : ) (this is still a nice word to a girl : p lol)
S: ok pass by when you go to work, ill be right there : )
J: ok fine i will : ) Thanks!
S: nice to meet you!
J: nice to meet you too, see ya : )

9 thoughts on “I miss my car and a stranger

  1. lool Jano can’t handle organization?! esma3i mni, DONT get near that guy lol. No such thing in America sweety.. mesh ma32ool hes nice mn Allah haik lol. And keep writting because this is interesting. A foreigners point of view.

  2. Janooooooo …. where ARE YOU??? Missing you LOTS!!!
    Nobody understands your feelings better than I do … I do know exactly and in detail what you’re going through!

    Give us a call (or your number and we’ll buzz ya) and let’s talk .. it helps, believe me!

    About the guy … WATCH OUT, he seems TOO friendly – I agree with Batoul and Chet!

  3. ah i know how u feel..i had to suffer without my car in amman for six months…i do not beleive how easy a car makes things…now shopping, going to the gym, to friends’ places is no big deal…and hmmm about that guy..yeh stay away from him…:)

  4. eh! sho malta ma malta! mo nagisna 3ammi. deeri balek ha! la yroo7 yekhtofek willa ishi ba3dain!! willa wallah baji bakassar raso o ras illi khallafooh! aiwa!
    o ba3dain ya 3ammi 7ada bigolooli i7na binwaslak o binjeebak o bi7ki la2? akh minnek akh sho mashkaljiyeh. bas yalla kolha osbo3ain talataeh o btit3awwadi 😀
    o kaman ma 7akaiti ma3 batoul lissa? ma akhdatek 3al jam3iyeh bi Nj?

  5. oh man ! this guy just proved one of my points!
    eno this guy came o talked to you o he didnt even know you..bas hooon be amman!
    no one can come o talk to a girl o ma bye3rafa…they will make fun of him o think he is naware o ma ba3raf sho!

    no? :s

  6. I wonder where my comment went … did it disintegrate in thin air? I had written day before yesterday (or was it yesterday?) and it never showed up here!

    MISSING YOU … I am dying to talk to you!!!

    BTW … stay away from guys who behave the way the one you met did! He is NOT OK …

  7. IM STAYING AWAY FROM HIM guys 🙂 i will listen to you and i also changed my way to work passing another street to avoid him.

    Maher, i agree.

    KARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN miss you so much !!!! u dont believe how i miss you and it really helps that you understand what im goi through with the train.. hehe

    hey send me your number to jansait@hotmail.com i would for sure call you 🙂 where do you live now btw?

    Chet, i tried to send you an email but it did not work! which emaildid you send to? can you send to the one above in case i still did not get your email?

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