9 thoughts on “New Jersey, 4/14/2008

  1. Hii Chet how are you?

    I thought you dont read my blog anymore! thanks cuz u still check in..

    how is everything goin with you?

    This is my second day in NJ, and i go to work to NY everyday..

    where ru these days? what are the latest news? and how is Jenney?

    Let me know..

  2. Maioush, miss you too waleh.. ur coming to Fresno, i cant go to LA no time 😦

    Bakkouz o fatoom yes ana batkhawat, so mafe elkom eshe men hon 😉

  3. Forgot to tell you Jenny is ok, She has taught her self how to play a keyboard and has been singing around the State of South Dakota in talent contests. Her singing is pretty good.

    I sent you an email letting you know kinda what is going on with me. I still live in Nebraska.

  4. Welcome to my side of the town waleh lool… isma3i, my email is on my contact info. Just email me el address taba3 el hotel and your schedule for the weekend and maybe I could pick you up one day with some girls and we could nfee3?! lool mm.. Jano you were in IRC abl sa7?! I’ll have you meet the old chatters kaman iza bdek lol. timtim, paret, so on.. 😀

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