Jordan Heroes and Jordan Photos

While i was driving to work today, I was thinking what to write about Jordan.. the beautiful sight i see on my right or the Love i have for the country or … suddenly I saw two “street sweepers” in the middle of a high way. in arabic; we call them “zabbaleen” but i call them “naddafeyyeen!”.. I just love those people! they put their life in danger! like today i was goin to hit one of them hehe jk!

well, yes.. they are my Jordanian heroes and im talking about them today in the name of Jordan Blog Day..

I thought i could stop and take a photo of them, in the early morning they started working hard and sweeping the streets, believe me it was goin to be auto swept by the wind this morning! I did not because there was a Taxi too close and I cant just stop in the mid of a high way!

It’s about them and everyone who works with his heart for the best for our children and next generations cuz this is what Jordan all about.

Jordan is not a Land and is not a Government, Jordan is People… It can be called a pumpkin or blabla and could be anywhere like Mars or Sun but what would make it special and make it Jordan is Jordanians and everyone who does anything to make this country looks beautiful and better.. simplest thing; don’t throw garbage on streets or anywhere it should not be at.. Help our friends who sweep the streets everyday and night.

And to everyone who feels responsibility to build this country, i say, Happy Jordanian Blog Day 😉 lol

Have a nice eve all.. Leave you with some photos Ive taken of Jordan

7 thoughts on “Jordan Heroes and Jordan Photos

  1. I can offer you a new word that I like to use so much, instead of “zabbaleen” try to say Country Workers “3omal Watan” and yes I am with you, they are considered heroes, let’s imagine the life without them, our life will be “Mazbaleh”

    Love Jordan

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