Too Personal – Don’t Bother

I miss when we smile and I miss when we laugh, I miss your eyes, and the love underneath..

I miss how you look at me and the way you say my name,..

I miss when we eat and i miss when we dont, I miss when we drive, when we speed and shout..

I miss your perfume (No, I dont.. I already took the bottle!) I miss the pizza, shawerma, and I also miss the Rain…

I miss “7sain and Feras” : ) … Yes, i miss Reema and Fat7i too : )

I also miss the dog. lol It’s still funny and cute : P I miss the “Left” and I miss more the “Right”.. I miss the “Find” and I miss the “Hide”, when you did, even more..

Nothing like the Bounty, when it comes in 3 : )

I miss Ronan, and when you say “It’s so easy loving you” I miss “Hello again” and “Iris” and everything we say..

I miss other things; you may not even know about…

I miss you honey, I miss the “Kids” and also the way we lived…

Now you’re gone, I dont wanna cry.. I know, until forever, you will always be mine..


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