Happy Birthday Ikbis

I have been invited to celebrate; with the lovely crew and other Ikbis users; the 1 year (and couple of months) of success.. Ikbis Birthday..

It was so friendly and nice, meeting Huda; so funny and cute Woman, also you won’t guess her age! she’s not too old though : p

KemoKemo the guy with eternal smile : ) hehe it’s cool the way he smiles.

Ahmad, Smart and friendly..

George, Makes you feel you’re home.. and also a talented brain.

3ala’a; Your dad is so funny : D lol with that Die my darling song.. Killer! hehehe

Developers; what to say about them… cute! (yes, cute developers!) lol

Wa’el; How talented and creative that guy is!

Andy; seems nice but we havent talked hehe

Ikbis users; I haven’t talked to all, but they are “well-selected” ; )

It was nice meeting all of you..

Now, with everything was done front/back end; you can obviously see the amazing efforts being put into this.. so professional, yet so friendly and close..

Great Job guys and wish you all the success you would dream and want for Ikbis.

Ikbis, It’s a home and a space.. where you can express yourself freely and also share..

PS: Thanks for the Mugs and Photo frames, Loved them!

Birthday Cake

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ikbis

  1. jansait thank you so much for this lovely post.ikbis is so lucky to have members who are so special in every way imaginable.i hope we can meet again.it was fun with moey,nasimjo,khobbeizeh,sweet smile ,deepblue,yousefkawar,naturalblu and all the others.

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