Heath Ledger Found Dead!!

Why did we have to speak about death? 😦 Heath Ledger my fav actor has been found dead yesterday!! 😦 police say it could be drug-related 😥

More details in CNN


heath from Knight's Tale

5 thoughts on “Heath Ledger Found Dead!!

  1. Blame the scamming lying medical industry for not telling the truth about how to cure “anxiety”. They are responsible for millions of deaths. They deliberately misdiagnose normal human emotional and physical imbalances as a condition which came from nowhere and requires chemicals to fix when in fact it will usually worsen the condition further (and require more different drugs until early death!) They have invented thousands of names for their made-up illnesses, then manufacture more and more dangerous chemical drugs to suit, and push doctors to sell them! $$$$ And they control the media $$$$

    They will be exposed in time as the biggest fraud in history of earth

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