Non-Stop “Jokes” – Bakkouz-Jad

Ok so before you judge Jad or feel pity for bakkouz, i want you to review the things below:

Bakkouz and Jad doing the Hula in August 18th, 2007 (Bakkouz making fun of Jad)

Bakkouz saying Jad has died!


Jad went to Aqaba to kick bakkouz’s butt!!Bakkouz, Keep your medical insurance card close, Okie?

and bakkouz writing a post about : Rest in Peace Jad!!! in April 17th, 2006 (It was obvious joke anyway 🙂 )

Still, Jad’s joke was the worst ever because it was not a sane joke at all, if you wanted to write that bakkouz has died you could have said that a shark has eaten him in the dead sea :p

last but not least “اللي ما بعرف الصقر بشوي” lol

6 thoughts on “Non-Stop “Jokes” – Bakkouz-Jad

  1. bs 3an jad mesh maz7ah, ana kteer edaya2et!! i called you and i was crying like crazy!!
    tayeb emza7o b aya shi, bs mesh heak!!!! JAD.. i’m really mad at you, i’ve never been mad at a blogger before, allah ysam7ak 3ala hal 3amleh!!

  2. The long trail of this “Joke” led me here and am glad it is finally clear and everybody is fine and doing well..True that most of the bloggers don’t know each other personally but somehow we became connected..Hopefully Jad learned his lesson, he took the heat of the comments..
    Thanks for the clarification and the history of jokes between the two of them..

  3. I thought Bakkouz’s obituary of Jad was very funny, but the difference is that it was so obviously a joke wheras Jad’s was borderline.

    It’s like the K-Pax books, the main character could be nuts or he could really be an alien !

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