Bakkouz is Alive!


bakkouz is alive and that was a real bad ugly joke from Jad!!

Jad, if you are looking for hits, dont use bakkouz’s name!! you are bad at it!! :S

Thanks Qwaider and maioush for calling. for a sec i thought it was real!!

6 thoughts on “Bakkouz is Alive!

  1. Thank god he is OK! for a second i was the one who was about to have a heart attack!! this is no joke…
    seriously, this is the most annoying joke i’ve ever heard…
    el 7amdolla Bakkouz is fine!

  2. Jano, at least it got you blogging again 🙂

    3anjad, I am upset. Made me cry for nothing, ya Jad. My kids were upset, we were praying for his family.

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