A cat eating chicken from a mall’s fridge!!!!

My dad got back home and told us that they went to that “big mall” i dont want to mention names but i will if someone sent by email.. anyway, dad and his friend went to that mall. and in the chicken and frozen stuff section, they saw a cat jumping into the fridge and tore out the plastic bag of the chicken and starting licking and eating maybe, dad’s friend and another witness were about to take a photo when the cat ran away!! a person who works there came and wrapped that plastic bag nicely and was about to take it, dad asked him what he was doin with that, he replied that it was for a customer, that was when my dad lost his nerves and told the guy that he cant do that!! and a cat came and tore this apart and was licking!!! he did not listen! and his manager or whatever came asking my dad and his friend in an aggressive to delete that pic!! (what a ****) anyway, my dad told him that there was a cat and there it is behind sth! he started changing the subject to “no taking pics” then my dad told him “and your guys was taking that chicken to a customer!! how could he!!” that man started talking in a loud voice and so aggressively!! my dad’s friends did not listen and they said they are leaving.

while they were leaving, the security asked them to delete that pic (again!) and my dad was shocked and told him “how could you ask sth like this!!!” he said there is a sign that says “no taking photos” or whatever.. anyway, my dad’s friends told the security guy that they did not take any pic! (of course cuz the cat jumped away)

Anyway, i will try my best to go there again and catch the cat!!

and of course will not buy any food from there!!!

7 thoughts on “A cat eating chicken from a mall’s fridge!!!!

  1. What??? This is insane!
    These people are insane!
    Bte3rafe if this happened in USA…a lawsuit would cost those bastards millions!
    but sho el wa7ad bedo ye3mal!

    jad eshe bedaye2!

  2. Another blogger was complaining about the M.M. parking lot guard sending his car’s number to the mukhabarat because he photographed it in the parking lot.

    What’s the harm in mentioning the mall’s name ?

    It sounds like they didn’t believe your dad’s story about the cat. I wonder whose cat it was.

  3. The manager is a complete idiot he is miles away from any thing comes to management i think he cant manage his own self. And i guess they didnt believe your father but at least he should investigate in the matter, i would smack that bloody manager if that situation happenend with me. For a bloody chicken he lost 3 customers maybe more now with the news spreading around. way to go Mr.Manager.

    I think there is no harm mentioning the Mall name, let people be aware and careful where they buy their stuff. thanks for sharing Jano šŸ™‚

  4. I just dont want someone to come and say this is illegal! :S otherwise i have no problem posting the name, i dont want anyone to go there and get chicken! its Car**** in case the full name wasnt legal since i dont have the pic!

    All, please be careful when buying from stores.. this is insane i know

  5. so the cat was right in the middle of the supermarket?or in some storage area..this is insane bith ways, and your dad and his friend should send a written complaint..I shop there all the time now, and this is scary stuff..please do send a written complaint..

  6. Salam, i will find out where to send the complaint and will try go there once or twice tryin to catch a pic..

    i was just like you when dad told us the story! i was like “if i were i would have let everyone there know!!”

    will let you know what happens with me..

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