Car Accident :(

dsc02952.JPG dsc02948.JPG

I had a car accident (photos above) yesterday evening 😦 the car is damaged.. hopefully they can fix everything..
today i started to feel a lil hurt but i am fine..

Advises to all:

Don’t speed
Don’t speed
again, just don’t speed!
and finally, there are rules to drive on roads, good to follow 🙂

btw, i got this car before month and a half 😥

Thank God for everything.. just another lesson in life 🙂 hehe

17 thoughts on “Car Accident :(

  1. alf el7amdillah 3ala salamtek, toz 3ala sayyara o 3ala kol ishi ma dam inti ma sar feeki ishi hada el mohom, o bilnisbeh lal sayyra btitsalla7 wala iyhimmek o zai ma bigoolo: bil mal wala bil 3iyal (ma3 ino ma 3indek 3iyal, bas ya3ni, il mohom il fikra :p 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Sam :* i was a lone in the car which is better because i dont want to hurt anyone anyhow 😦 il 7amdellah 3ala kol eshe

  3. 7amedla 3ala el salameh .. i remembered lama konti tet3almii eswa2a wo a7keelek la tesre3ii ya joji .. le2noo mo emneee7 . enshalah enek ma tesr3iii again

  4. Thanks All .. your comments are really nice.. thank you for your feelings 🙂

    Angel, who are you? 😀 are you the one i think you are? “angel who dresses in red”? :p

  5. Thank you Kinzi, Hani, Anonymoud (who ru btw?) and mu3aaaaz

    Thank you all for your feelings 🙂

    Update: the car still at the garage “getting fixed” 😦

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