Happy Cookies Party :)

We all enjoyed the cookies party at MommaBean’s. thanks MommaBean, thanks amazing Kinzi 🙂

Here are some photos

My cookies

The Cookies Table

My Cookies and me

Ok those are the ones i took by Jad’s cam. i hope i have other photos somewhere else.. hehe

10 thoughts on “Happy Cookies Party :)

  1. Thanks for the visual affirmation of delicious times had! It makes me hungry…I was talking so much I didnt’ eat ONE cookie. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it and steal from my kids.

    Hey, can you email me the photo Jad took of the two of us?

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  3. You are MOST welcome, but sweetie, you forgot your cookies! Come get them aytime. And why didn’t Bakkouz come? Doesn’t he like us? Oh, and I didn’t make or eat a single cookie…

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  5. Kinzi.. i sent you the pics, got them? 🙂

    MommaBean thank you so much and i know i forgot my cookies 😦 we knew after we were half way home! too bad.. but ill pass by for them.. save them for me please 🙂

    Bakkouz wanted to come but he was in Aqaba and couldnt, inshallah we’ll make it up for him 🙂

    Dave, it was also great to meet you, your photos are really nice and i have also checked your flickr, VERY nice! i love photography!

  6. Okay, sorry to admit Kinzi and I didn’t decorate or eat any cookies yesterday. We may have made up for it on yours (blushing). I’ll check the fridge and let you know… Pretty much all unclaimed cookies (even the ones with names) were fair game when the Konouz andBeans started to chow down!

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