I just wanted to know…

how love tastes like..

and the taste of happiness, sadness, hate, dreams, reality, crush, likeness, lies and truth, and how to be alone, i just wanted to know how it tastes to be popular and surrounded by the best friends, best parents and also the worst..

did you ever know how regret tastes like, and did you ever think how honesty tastes like?

I just wanted to know how being nice and bad taste like, and how it feels and tastes to not even be able to taste!!

I just wanted to know how this life tastes like.. despite of all the bitter i have tasted and all the sweetness i have enjoyed, life is still worth living and loving.

It is the same way i feel about you..

7 thoughts on “I just wanted to know…

  1. Very warm words jano .. i guess thats the beauty of this life alittle bit of this and that. And it is indeed worth living just because of the people we love in this world 🙂

  2. Nice Words . am listening to MoonSpell. i remembered the first time of everything . the first time of friendship the first time of ….

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