Jano’s missing nalchik :(

I miss nalchik… i went there in summer 2002.. i miss my homeland 😦

I do not know why i have those feelings these days, i even sticked some of my photos when i was there on my closet..

Closet - Nalchik pics

I miss the rivers, mountains, sun, snow on the mountains in summer, Albruz, Sasrouque, green lands, lakes, waterfalls.. and EVERYTHING!! every little thing there..

Hopefully i will have the chance to go there soon.. and maybe this time to my original part of homeland “Maykop

4 thoughts on “Jano’s missing nalchik :(

  1. Qwaider, its the highest mount in Europe πŸ™‚ Caucasus mountains, where snow in summer and winter.. really amazing! to go to the highest thing normal people like us can reach; you need to go through three cable cars or something like these.. with two stops as i recall.. i attached a link to an article.. click on “Albruz” above

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