Super Birthday :D – 4 surprises!

First Surprise: I came early to the office to find balloons on my desk, party hat on the LCD and a gift with dried flowers on it. šŸ˜€ that was a shock!! who did it!! my friends at work said “not us not us” and went to other friends at work.. everyone now around the balloons and gift.. i started opening it when i found a card under it.. it was FATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM šŸ˜€ mwah my sis :*

the gift was unbelievable! it was a large photo framed for me on my first birthday when i became one year old šŸ™‚

Second Surprise: My colleagues’ surprise, when i was working really hard, they surprised me from behind with cake and cool gift, thank you guys šŸ™‚

Third Surprise: I went home and opened the door to find all my lovely friends and cousins with a cake and party hats šŸ˜€ SURPRIIIIIIIIISE!! hehe and dad started taking photos šŸ˜ hehe

Fourth Surprise: I’ll keep it to myself šŸ˜‰

I really want to thank all my friends, i wont count them but i really love them all!!

thanks to dadan for the official BD song šŸ™‚

Will leave you with some photos šŸ˜‰

my dsk @work image016.jpgimage019.jpg

friends at home

dsc02767.JPG Bountyyyyyyy :D a lot of stuff :) love them! One year old Jano :)

15 thoughts on “Super Birthday :D – 4 surprises!

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  3. Bakkouz, ok šŸ™‚

    Maher, thanks a lot šŸ˜€

    Mrs Al Ramahi, cool šŸ˜€ next time we can celebrate it together here šŸ˜‰

    Mu3azzzzzzzzz yes 2arrab hehehe kaman kam yom šŸ˜€ thank youuuuuuu

  4. jojtyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry for the late reply bas u know el power kan kharban wel shoghol m2ate3 ba3do bel sherkeh šŸ˜›
    anyway 2o3bal sneen ad ma bedek o allah yekhaleele yaki :*************

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