I need a Miracle!

A really huge nice cool amazing thing should happen to me so i would have a nice birthday!

My birthday is next Tuesday (20th) and everything in my life and around leads to a dull birthday 😦

First of all, elections! a huge reasons to make my birthday a bad one because the whole idea is silly..

Love?.. things are going crazy and every thing’s a shit and lots of problems!

Money.. I don’t know where the hell my money go! i just find my bank account going down and down and i have no idea where i spend my money.. a big possibility is alcohol because i may get drunk and spend money on things i do not remember!!!

Work wise.. well, things are ok.. not too much but ok!

Family.. hmmm i do not remember when was the last time we all sat and had a chat together!

Friends.. who? ha? hehe well, my friends are fine also but i don’t hang out with them like i used to before or have a chat with them like before 😦

So, of all these thing, the only good thing is I GOT A CAR 😀 but nothing is cheering me up 😦

I need something takes me high! weed? maybe

cya in next post.. will tell you how my birthday went! if i did not post then DO NOT ASK!!!

11 thoughts on “I need a Miracle!

  1. Hmm…if you want high (I’ve never done it) but I’ve heard weed alcohol makes for a good time. Try to cheer up! You got a new car! How many people can say that? Not many! Most of all, try to have a good birthday!

  2. hey Mattz ur comment was with spams i dont know why,, thank you for supporting 🙂 hope to talk soon.. thanks *hugs*

    Maio your comment was in spam also.. thanks 7aboobte :* ta3ali inte 😦

  3. Chetttttttttt long time 🙂 miss you really! thanks so much! i need prayers im really down 😦 but your message here is really appreciated 🙂 thanks!

  4. Wa alikum Assalaam

    You will be in my prayers. Try to remember this feeling is only temporary, I have just been through a down time and know that it will be better, hang in there and don’t give up looking for a brighter side. Allah is with you.

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