Finally, a weekend!


yaaaay πŸ˜€ i have a day off πŸ˜€ it’s been weeks i haven’t had any weekend or off! finally i’m having one, but not really 😦 i forgot to tell mom that i have off today so she woke me up early, i heard her singing waking me and my sister up ( yallah ya banat ya 7elween ya amameer ya karameesh.. etc) and then heard dad saying to her “hush hush she’s sleeping she told me she has the day off!” but it was too late 😦 anyway, she wasn’t sure of my dad’s information and she came over to my room to ask me πŸ˜€ so the sleep has gone and i’m awake. thanks mom :p

Anyway, it’s still off and im still home enjoying the day πŸ˜€ i hope you all at schools and works enjoying it as well πŸ˜‰

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