What she wants..

I’ve been thinking of what a girl really wants? what she expects to find in her man..
maybe for him to be hmmm
kind, sharp, tidy and careless, loving and caring, spontaneous, sweet and tough, dreamy and realistic, to get upset and to forgive, to say sorry and mean it, to be honest, to trust her, jealous and give her the freedom, sing for her, hug her, say sweet words, smile when he sees her, miss her when she leaves him even for 5 minutes, never give up, do her nice things, get her nice things and simple, to be a little child and a man at the same time, to need her, and be there for her, respect her, cherish her, appreciate her, Dream of her, have kids with her, get old with her, walk with her, and last but not least.. be everything she may ever need.. then she will be everything above to him and much more 🙂

Did i miss something? :p

Update: and not to joke when im nervous! 

15 thoughts on “What she wants..

  1. just this ?? so easy i thought SHE ask more than that ,hmmm !!this is so simple and easy but i guess there more !! ?

    how u forgot this

    be listener , understandable ,and himself

    oh nice new look 😉 tethni fee

  2. maybe girls ask for lots of stuff, but at least they say what they want, but guys never! they want the girl to know by herself what her guy wants,,, girls are more open for what they want than guys,,, thats what i think 😀

  3. wallah i think girls are more closed than guys.. no one would guess what a girl wants because she wants it all and the opposite 😀 sa7 Qabbani?

  4. That’s bascially (albeit with a few exceptions to your list) how I’ve tried to treat all of my girlfriends. Results have vaired from very good to they still don’t care 🙂 .

  5. WOW Jano.. that was great
    you know, what you want is what you have to be… it’s a little hard for me tp explain but you know what i mean 🙂
    love u kteer and miss u kteeeeeeeeeeeer ::kisses::

  6. careless !!!
    you want careless !!! that’s kinda weird .
    and how the heck can someone be dreamy and realistic at the same time !!!

  7. Maher, nice 🙂

    Maioushehhhhhh miss you more waleh 🙂

    Admirer, who are you?

    MJMJ8183, bte3raf song shania twain, you still the one? :p hehe ghabe inta :p

    ma7joob, careless and the opposite hehe dreamy when its time to dream and still realistic hehe hard to explain, ha? :p

  8. ول ول ول

    كل هذول الاشياء بشخص واحد

    ولا يمكن تلاقيه هالشخص 🙂

    انتي عم تطلبي المستحيل

  9. Na3ouri, mo3zam el nas 3endhom hay el ashya2 bs mo3zamhom ma bebaynouha aw ma be3rafo yemken, ya3ni yemken martak ra7 tla2e feek mawqef 3an kol wa7deh men hay el shaghlat aw mo3zamha hehehe es2alha :p

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