Queen Rania st. (JU st)

In the past few days, i liked something that was done in Queen Rania st (Jordanian Univ. st) and disliked something else.. (el wa7ad ye7ke ele elo welle 3aleh)

What i like is the new sidewalks between Dostour Paper building and Al-Ra’e, in front of Al-Fanar Hotel. They are still working on it..


Now, what i don’t like is how they took off all the trees, i know they may widen the road but i love trees 😦 and its unpleasant look for the street now!!

No Good

5 thoughts on “Queen Rania st. (JU st)

  1. you know what i like about old amman is that we still see some greens there..now every tree has to sacrefice in order to get a building sidewalk or to widen a street which i find so ugly..depressing so depressing

  2. I like the new color scheme. Too bad about the trees, kinda reminds me of what I was doing today (cutting dead trees and throwing them out of our creek so the water flow wouldn’t be impeded and flood up to our house like it does when it always rains).

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