7 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Coffee Table

  1. o h my God

    that is so amazing

    i have never envied anyone in my whole life but i do envy people with such knowledge and such brilliance…i can imagine what kinds of things our cute joirdanian people would put on that table


    3elbet sardeen
    foul e falafel min il kal7a

    and i am sure that internal unites of this super invention would be blown to pieces

    unless they came up with some jordanian mansafic interface to perform a dialogue between the two

  2. It’s no doub very amazing. However, I’m wondering if Apple came up with something beforehand that never caught on and Microsoft is capitalizing on it 🙄 ? I say this because there was the Apple Newton, then the Palm Pilot, the Lisa (which was before the Mac, $10,000!), etc. Maybe I’m old school, but I wouldn’t want every surface of my house to come alive 😆 .

  3. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title s Coffee Table at JanMania. Thanks for informative article

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