I know i was away for a long time.. sometimes i was coming just to say a word and go.. lately couple of things happened with me..

I was so sick, flu, cold, etc. spent couple of days at home, didn’t go to work which made some people realize that i really was sick 🙂 because not going to work was one of the deadly sins to me hehe i feel better now anyway.

something else that really hurts is that i lost my cousin 😦 May his soul rest in peace.. Ehab, my 20 year old cousin passed away in his birthday eve. it was so painful to us. 😦 it was a car accident, a terrible one! i believe that he would have died anyway. still painful though… i don’t have words to say about that, but i just pray no one would lose their loved ones. may you all stay safe and healthy. may happiness be your companion always.

On the bright side, nothing new, optimistic to the point of hopelessness hehe the good thing is that i always find the way to a smile, one from the deeps of heart. and give half of it away, to whoever it hits 🙂

God bless you all, keep smiling… life is nothing but challenges, do not let it beat you.

4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Sorry for your loss, Jano. God bless the soul of your cousin. I’m glad you came back, if only to say, “I’m still here!”

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