I Once Thought

I thought one can climb to the stars, i thought brave men can handle the height, heat and light.. i thought stars can move down a bit.. i thought heaven can at one point hugs the earth.. i thought words are more than that.. and i once thought humans can be humans, at least for once! i thought i wasn’t the only one.. i thought hearts can speak, and souls can fly.. i thought eyes are nothing but bridges between yours and I.. and i thought dreams were made to be true.. i tried to think that love is a bird, unconditional and free.. i thought bounds are made only on maps.. i thought smiles are arrows to the heart.. i thought I’m goddess on my knees.. not just one riding the highest breeze.. i thought and i was sure.. when i thought we can be more than friends.. i thought i can speak out my heart, and you would listen not just see.. i thought beauty was made to be worshiped, not tortured and abused! i thought to be honest is the least you can do.. not something i would beg you for.. and i also thought that nothing makes you sad or broken.. but you.. i thought and i somehow knew that to forgive is easier than hurt.. i thought pain is sweet..
I thought all this is true.. and i still know it is.. its just strange when one has things to prove to himself.. and fight for nothing but his inner self..

11 thoughts on “I Once Thought

  1. Damn.. your blog is really nice, how come I never came across it before!!

    Anyway, I loved your words, so beautiful and deep, liked the post 🙂

  2. Nice, Jano! I was kinda getting worried, seeing as how you hadn’t posted in a while after the “Don’t Hate, Educate!” which seemed like a good idea, btw.

  3. Hi there Jansait,
    It’s me again from ikbis (Arab). Couldn’t stop myself from viewing your blog, so I hope I’m not trespassing 🙂
    I have to say, from your post, you said/wrote it in the best way anyone can. There are even more words/feelings hiding between the lines that ppl should look for. I discovered the exact thing you’re trying to say in your post, which can be all summarized in one word disappointment. Disappointment from ppl, disappointment from life, you expect when doing good to ppl you’ll get the same reward, but it’s not like that, not anymore. Maybe it’s our fault because we expect things that will not happen!
    You have a great site, and I love it. The design, the name and the contents. I’ll give you 10/10. Is there anywhere I can vote? (Don’t worry I will not disappoint you). I’m a developer myself, and I used to have my own blog, now it seems like ages ago.
    Anyways, keep up the good work web-friend. It was nice meeting you, and the best part was having the chance to know you more.

    Best Regards,
    Amjad 8)

  4. jano


    malek mokta2ebeh ya binti>

    what u thought is somehow right..but nothing is as ideal as u think it is

    brave men can handle the height but maybe cannot handle the tears of a woman

    everytime u look at the horizone heaven hugs earth and on a more spiritual aspect..heaven and earth might hug everytime a human is conceived

    dreams can come true..eyes are windows to the soul and can bridge two humans..

    everything can be what u want it to ..its how u look at things jano

  5. So beautiful Jano, your words reminded me of a story i read about a painter who used to draw his trees so big, the moon and stars were so small compared to the trees, they were higher than the stars, everybody who saw the paintings was atounded and couldnt help asking how in the world can your trees reach higher than the stars ? and he would say that he was not drawing trees, its their longing that he was trying to paint, and i believe this also should be the human longing, its the human destiny, to reach to the most distant star. our roots lie in the earth but a great tree is the promise of those roots, the body belongs to the earth, the earth is beautiful, but the soul belong eslewhere, its up to us to make it sour in the vast sky and go back home where it belongs and unless and until we do, we dont REALLY live. Your words touched my heart ya Jano, thank you…

    Miss you

  6. well said, it’s like something from Breslaver rebe. Nahman mi breslav which really a great spiritual example for all. I hope you are fine!

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