To Caucasus…

To the land so proud.. Glory runs with blood and grows.. To greatest warriors and most feminine women were ever born and will ever be.. With strongest hearts of women and men.. To children with eyes stare at the skies.. Souls belong to the unlimited heavens.. Can one be more proud? To the glory and dreams, to wars and victories.. To smiles and hearts, forever young and forever bright.. To the future and holy roots.. To rivers run forever, sea wide and deep.. To mountains talk to the stars, on a land most precious.. Peace and Hopes.. To all that and more, Greatest Gods take a knee, and pray for this glory forever lives.. Amen.


9 thoughts on “To Caucasus…

  1. I have 2 requests:
    Can you send me one from over there 🙂 and …
    Doesn’t this sound a lot like the Borat theme?

    (still LOL@Most feminine women)

    [don’t hate me, I’m just kidding]

  2. Qwaider, ele ma be3rafna bejhalna 😉 befakker fe girls gherna bel denya :p (with respect to all girls tab3an)
    o eza el jomleh mesh kteer sa7 grammatically, el fekra weslat

    o jd marrat 3alek comments mesh bema7alha, bs ma ra7 a3mel edit hal marra.. thanks anyway

  3. It’s great pleasure to see adiga people over the internet. People, who remember their roots…
    A week ago I visited out motherland. Karachay-Cirkassian republic, Russia.
    Take a look on this photoset…Sure, it will be interesting for all of adiga people…

  4. Amen! Let it be! G-d bless Caucasus and all it’s people all over the world. Mountains and Blac sea, sometime I miss you.

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