I feel gratitude because…

* My Mom; the most precious thing god ever created and will ever do!

* Believing in Allah, God, or whatever you like to call “him” but I believe in the grace and the mercy and everything nice and spiritual it makes me feel, the feeling of calm when I need it and the powerful I become when I have to be. Allah, I love you and I know you love me too. To some people, talking like this means a sin. But I know my message is delivered either way, so I made it my way.

* The friends I have around me are the best friends someone can ever have. They are always for me when I need to be yelled at or a shoulder to cry on. Or even in times of silence and craze 🙂

* I have a family and a loving sister, also the best sister one could ever have, she’s so tender and caring, she brings me gifts when I’m down, and hot tea when I’m ill, she takes money when I offer and thank me in her own way, I hate her when she loses temper but I lover her more 5 minutes later 😀

* I have no regret, which helps me to be stronger girl in life. No matter what I do, I learn from it. I may do the mistake twice but repeating means learning more :p religious

* I feel gratitude because I always find a reason to laugh and to smile, sometimes, to go crazy.

* I feel gratitude because I don’t hide a tear or a smile… I don’t hide a laugh or a cry, no matter how I try to but I just can’t.

* Because I have a good job and I love it, many people do not love their jobs.

* The ability to fall in love, over and over again. Despite of all the heartbreaks my heart always finds its way to love.

* The strength inside me, to reach the extremes and get back to my inner home when I need to or have to.

* Open-minded and yet so closed to my secrets, my beliefs and thoughts, are nothing but some ME.

* I’m Caucasian (Adiga) and so proud. Have a strong nostalgia to where my roots are and to where my heart is, to the place where great Gods bent down to my ancestors! Something deep down inside of me will always cry out for you, Caucasus, land of eternal glory.

* I feel gratitude because some people are in my life, I don’t really know how my life would’ve been without them… and to those people I say; I appreciate every bit you do to me and every smile you draw on my face and every tear you wipe away, you’re not a friend, a lover, a father or a brother, you’re not a sister or a mother, not in the past or the future, you’re always near though I let you far. You give with no asking why, you take only the reflection of what you shine, you’re one of the best things ever happened to me, yet, you don’t know what it means. They think love is marriage and sweet kisses, but I love you and it’s the way you are. So good to me, and so amazingly patient, you’re all those above and more, yet, nothing of what you or they think of. They envy you and I envy myself for having you as a friend, best-EST friend in my entire life. You surely know yourself!

* I feel gratitude because I can say sorry, thank you, hello, and love you. Most people just didn’t learn those words.

* And because the girl I am. I’m proud, yet, I’m the only person who tells me I’m proud 🙂

* As I started this I will end it, Mama. The beginning and end of all I am, the most precious human to me, ever. She was tough sometimes and didn’t agree with me a lot of times, but now as an independent girl, as she sees me, she believes in me. I think maybe she always did but mother’s heart is something no one can explain. She tried to make everything grows inside me, every feeling, every thought and every feminine a girl can be. There were times when I hated her for not letting me be; now I believe she helped to build my extremes, and the only one who gave me all I need. There were times when I loved her, now I think that was nothing of the love I have for her. There were times when I thought she was beautiful, but now I think that beauty keeps shining more and more from her heart and eyes. There were times when I was too child to understand that I can’t ever give her at least too little of what she gave to me and still gives constantly. There were times when I thought life has an end, but the eternity of my mom’s heart made me change my beliefs. People think I may say those words because she’s simply like any other mom, but since you don’t have my mom, you all are orphans and never knew what “mother” means! She’s the light whenever we need to break the dark, she’s the smile among all the cries, the dream when we lose hope, she’s the strength when we all weak. She’s so weak when it’s about us and our desires, yet, the best teacher and the best learner. She cares without asking for a return, she gives and never thinks twice, she blames with a cute smile, she dreams with shy hopes, but a strong will, she is this universe’ smile and tear, the love and fear, the hopes and the dreams, and every promise been made. She will never die, she, excuse me, is my God on earth.

7 thoughts on “I feel gratitude because…

  1. truly, a loving mother is the greatest blessing a person could ever have.

    I don’t know why you said this is silly, it surely is not, this is true and from the heart which makes it sweet, soulful and great 🙂

    Indeed you are blessed with all that, and I’m positive indeed that everybody who knows you realizes and appreciates you being a part of their lives also, I know i very much do :yes:

  2. * I have a family and a loving sister, also the best sister one could ever have, she’s so tender and caring, she brings me gifts when I’m down, and hot tea when I’m ill, she takes money when I offer and thank me in her own way, I hate her when she loses temper but I lover her more 5 minutes later 😀

    love you too siso ur special too o u know what u really mean to me, our mom is the best maybe we took our “best” from her 😉
    o some stuff u said above i wish i have

    god bless u my sweety chocolate pie coz u love chocolate 😛

  3. WOW~

    The best thing is to stay thankful and count your blesings day by day! Every point you mentioned is essential. I can’t agree more! Thank God again and gain and yet it would never be enough!

    I love your post!

  4. Jano, you seem to have been incredibly blessed and used it to your advantage. Good for you!!!! You seem to have been blessed with a loving family and you appreciate them very much! Very good!!!!! Most people don’t appreciate the blessings or the blessing of a good family bestowed upon them in their lives. This makes you all the better of a person!!!!!!

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