How to cook Rice, Video!

So, today me and bakkouz went to Dadan‘s office and sat to discuss the art of cooking rice πŸ˜€ so watch and learn.. wala ktab abla nazeera :p

btw, bakkouz cooks really good, while dadan, doesnt know anything!! or maybe a little bit more than i do :p

11 thoughts on “How to cook Rice, Video!

  1. LOOOL

    sho had …. bedkom mom tesm3 had al 7aki 3ashn tenjalet menkom …

    LOL , men al 2a5eeeeer ,

    al7amdlehha am already Done all this and more , hada kef law bedi ye3mal chicken

  2. cooooooool , walahe baqtare7 3la 2el 2a5 bakkouz yeshtarek be el HILLS KITCHEN , 7aram haik mawaheb edee3 3a el fadee…….loooooooool =D

  3. Bakkouz, why don’t you sign a contract with one of the Sat broadcasting channels.

    then issue your own cooking book!!!!

    you can name it
    ta3alamoo romooz el 6abe5 ma3 Bakkouz πŸ™„

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