1 JD out for what?

عزيزي المشترك، تم خصم دينار واحد من رصيدك الحالي بموجب قانون الرسوم الاضافية للجامعات الاردنية الصادر من وزارة المالية

شكرا لتعاونكم

Dear Customer, 1 JD has been deducted from your credit according to “additional universities fees” (or whatever) law from financial ministry. Thank you for your cooperation.

Listen to the song in naturalblu‘s post -(Arabic)

The thing is not the 1 JD that worths nothing these days! (thanks to the gov.) but its about the WHY and HOW and SAYS WHO

7 thoughts on “1 JD out for what?

  1. 6eb eza my credit is zero what will happen .. fastlink is always zero .. bass am planning to change to fastlinks again?

    b3den if i have kids they gona study in uni for free .. YA SALAM YA SALAM .. 🙂

  2. If they do it for health security or fighting cancer or any other cause I’ll get it but for University Fees!! That’s stupidity coz all we know studying in governmental Jordanian universities is not free but even the fees tda3afat tlat marrat had el 7aki 2bel santein I don’t know now how much ..what a government we have for god’s sake!

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