I’ve touched the forbidden

Falling so hard, drowning so deep
Cant resist but hear and feel
Your words are arrows, directly to the soul
Your soul is an ocean, wide, deep and whole
Too afraid to touch those flames
I’ve been burnt before, would i dare?
Living the day as a year passing by
Too many thoughts that make me want to cry
Tears of joy, love and fear
Can’t deny, this dream’s so real
I can touch your heart and i can feel the beat
mixed with pain, bitter and sweet
It’s being caught in the middle, between hell and heaven
The blink of an eye between yes and no
The trembling of a heart when breaking in two
It’s that shy smile, right from the heart
It’s the deep fear and worries eating my mind
Searching for an excuse to cross the lines
Digging so deep into the deeps of mine
Who i have been? and what i have seen?
To make all that mess inside of me

Feb 16 2007

10 thoughts on “I’ve touched the forbidden

  1. Hello Dear Friend!!!

    its been a long time since i last viewed your site , i can see there are alot of amazing things been publshed and worth to read i am glad to see all of that 8)

    Most of all i lked what you wrote here its great…….

    Thanks Jano

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