It was in April and just like April Fool’s Day, Although it wasn’t a joke to me -haven’t ever thought of all that and all could happen, but it did.. don’t know how, when or why.. i don’t even remember, but its there still… sometimes some words and some smiles don’t count but remain…
Just like a breeze or a water splash in a damn hot summer day… like a cup of hot tea in a cold winter night.. or a cozy blanket and a fireplace…
yeah it feels like that, refreshing and warm… peaceful and secure…

What would i ask for more?

Nothing, actually, but a constant.. dont trade one move or one smile..
Dont trade one word or one rhyme..
throw it all onto me.. Like a snow in december he came to me..
said “hello, been waiting here, been dreaming here… and drawing the line of my life between your eyes and mine..”

he said those and did not look away, like an arrow hit my deeps…

This aint a game he laid his cards, asking for a final queen, a missing card but not for more…

I laid mine too…

Feb 14 2007

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