Worst thing could happen!

Last night worked till 8 pm, then went home.. my Mom didn’t prepare any lunch because there’s still spaghetti from two days that no one wants to eat 😦 so i ate some salad and carrot and hwarneh if you know it, and some olives. weird ha? anyway, i was still havent changed clothes because when i first got in house i went directly to kitchen hehe so mom said we are going to my grandpa’s because he got out from hospital yesterday, i didnt change because they were all ready and i would look like the bad of all if i made them late..

Anyway, we stayed there till 11 pm maybe or later, the only good part is i ate two pieces of KNAFEH 😀 all my cousins were there with all ages you could ever think of lol i was half sleeping, so couldn’t wait till i got in car and slept ! when i got home i went directly to my room, wore my pijama and slept.

Woke up today at 7 am which is not right! hehe i can’t get out of bed at that time! i slept again and when i woke up i looked at the clock on the wall found it 7:15 OR THAT WHAT I THOUGHT! it was 8:20 ( i went back to sleep for 5 minutes lol) then i was convincing myself to get up from bed till 8:30 (my work starts at 8 am) i got up and changed clothes and all that.. then went to kitchen and took the rest of salad to eat at break because i’m sick of junk food. i spent some time looing for some kind of sth to put the salad in!!! i went to work and found a faraway parking.. walked 100 m to get to the building lol and when i got there one of my team member said go home! i asked him why! he said system is not working. :S i yelled and why no one told me!! he said dono.. i checked my phone and found couple of sms’s and missed calls 😦 and that was the minute i killed myself !!!

Im goin home now! cya!!!


I left work to search for bank audeh in shmaisani. their representative came to company and i opened an account for the salary. anyway, i was goin to get the ATM and i thought i was late because that was 3 weeks ago or so.. and i was gonna say sorry! anyway, after goin in circles i could found it, got in and asked the employee, he talked on phone for couple of minutes then asked for my National ID, then he found that i dont have an account! he said at last “oh i didnt start this account because the National ID is expired 😐 and it was like “WHAT!!!” how could you not tell me about the problem with my account, my next salary should be in that account!! and then i went out to RENEW my ID.. on the way, got my mp3 player (there was a problem with it and sent it to the comp) anyway, the guy who took the renewing application asked dad (who came with me because i dont know where the building is) he asked my dad “what is your relationship with jansait?” dad said that im his daughter! then he asked for my dad’s signature and name on form! i asked about how come! he said your dad is here so “khalas” i was like “eh!! we became like SA” then i went to the cashier and paid! lol then i went to Social security company and wanted to inquire about something. and found out that old company was taking from my salary and havent paid for them for me 😐 OMG!! that really pissed me off. i called the accountant in my old company and asked her to talk with the SS Emplyee.. then when he hanged up he said they are cheating and i should go to other SS office that has their files 😦 how could that happen!!! damn whoever caused this :S for god sake i dont have even time to do that!! it’s 9:30 pm and im at work, raining and storming outside!!!

My dear friend bakkouz is sick 😦 and he’s really in a bad condition 😦 here are some flowers


6 thoughts on “Worst thing could happen!

  1. i spent today and yesterday very sick with pains and a horrible rash all over my body. =( and going back and forth from and to the hospital and i had 6 injections stuck in me so far and a ton of medicins, =( i’m going back tomorrow to the hospital to run tests, and it took me literaly 15 minutes just to type this comment =| because my hands hurt so much, so i guess comparing ur day to mine, i guess u had it easy =D

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