New Start

Welcome to my new blog and please feel comfortable here

Have a nice stay..

thanks again to Bakkouz 🙂

yallah now eat and drink 7alawan el blog lol

Haliva, tabouleh and tea

20 thoughts on “New Start

  1. Mabrook again , and by the way i was here yesterday 😀 …

    So take realy care of it and still need a bit work : ) in the right banner stuff kind of messy or its my Browser

    well check it

    yalah see ya

  2. Jaaaaaaaaaanooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Congrats ya amar.. i’m so happy for u…
    it looks sooooooo nice, new start and inshalla la el a7san.. =P

  3. Jano,

    This thing is absolutely stunning. Oh, and the camel on the Iron Sheikh’s crotch, I’m still puzzled trying to figure out the intended meaning… A little off to me. Regardless, congrats on the new look, it is awesome. I’m jealous now…

  4. 7ala thanks dear 🙂

    MQabbani, i hope problem solved 🙂 and i will check it soon on 7 and others thanks 😀 keep visiting..

    bakkouz lol laish m3asseb? :p

    Maiouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush :***

    NaturalBlu thanks, 3o2balek bs ashok ana hehehe

    Matt, the new blog loves you too 😀 that pic was taken from deviantart.. i think i should attach the original link lol

    MommaBean heyyyy thanks 😀 im glad you like the new look.. about the camel, i dont think it has a bad meaning its just a symbol of Arabian culture (old) maybe. and its nice that the company decided to make sth for arab kids.. thats how i see it..

    You’re all welcome and please take your time to explore the new look it has a lot of nice things i hope 😀

  5. hala Naryat 🙂
    thanks a lot dear ,, you were one of those who wondered where i have been thanks and i hope you like where i have been :p besides; i have a huge load at work..

  6. Congrats Jano, 🙂 It’s amazing!!

    3o2bal everything (you know these J’s projects 😉 ) Hahaha 😆

    P.S. these emoticons are so funny =D

  7. Qwaider lol bs ya khsara :no:

    Hamzeh N ahla o sahla tfaddal 🙂

    Nour hehehehe yallah start with them and ill sign :p

    Vano .. long time no see 😀 thanks a lot!!

    dadan; ahlain DADAn

    Chet, thanks a lot for visiting been along time 🙂 thank you

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