14 thoughts on “Merry xmass, Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year

  1. merry Xmas, happy eid al adha, and happy new year to u and ur loved ones jano..
    may god make 2007 a better year for u, i wish for u joy, happiness, and health dear…
    allah ye7meeki…

  2. Zaid; thanks and see you soon 🙂

    Abu shakoush; thats the spirit 😀 lol

    Kinzi; thanks a lot dear and same goes to you, waitin your email..

    Mai :************* same to you ya karmoosheh, i hope 2007 bnefra7 feke :p

  3. Happy Hanukah( already finished) Merry Christmas(Western is finished)and Eastern will come, Id Mubarek ve Happy New Year. God bless You all! And bless our Lands from Caucasus to Meadle East! I wish peace for all Adyga -Abaza(Apsua) Chirkassians, Chechenians, Daghestani, Azeri, Ironi, Karacharlar ve Balkarlar, Digori, Georgians, Juhuri, Jehudi, Turki, Kurdi, Yezidi, Druzi, Armani, Aravi, Arami ve Ashuri people. Leebnani(muslimi, druzi ve maroni and others Christians) Israeli (both Jewish, Muslims and Christians). Peace for Jordan and Syria, peace for my KAVKAZ and my ISRAEL. Peace for Palestine. Shalom le kol haolam. I hope one day it wil be…

    there is a beautiful video about georgian-osettian war.

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