The book tag tag…

Just letting you know that it was alil hard to find close book..

I grabbed the “closest” only maybe book to me as ive been told to do by some nice people.. thanks guys bakkouz, Muath

“He tripped against this and fell face upward, his helmt ringin loudly about his head as he did so. Hector saw him fall and ran to him; he then thrust a spear into his chest, and killed him close to his own comrades”

  • The Iliad of homer

ok now what? who left aslan? Dadan.

fe eshe tane dal? 🙂

6 thoughts on “The book tag tag…

  1. Strange!
    How did this book come near you? Sure you don’t read The Iliad at work! Ahaaa..
    You got the tag at home… now i understand 😉

  2. Janoooo Thx and nice words, you guys got so many books in the room but for me just couple of them me and the books we don’t get a long togather 😛

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  4. Matt; im sorry for you :p

    naturalblu no it wasnt the only!!! 😦

    naryat; excellent loool

    Muath, she, fatoom, got so many books. i only have 3 and i dont remember the title of one of them :p wallah!!

    Dadan; thanks :p

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