27 thoughts on “Life is Fair

  1. Life is fair.. but people are not.. I guess, for it to be fair enough you should hold classes for females too… something like how to read maps right…

  2. It ain’t.. just open your eyes it’s so clear.. cheaters win.. strong ppl, countries, governments oppress others, ppl are starving while others are wasting food. etc. I think God is fair but life is definitely not fair i don’t know why he likes to run it that way?
    Life is still worth living. Even though it is quite often painful and hateful and completely unfair, it is still far better than the alternative…

  3. Naturalblu… how come life=god?!
    god created life. life is just like anything he created like a human he may be good and he maybe evil. but unfortunatley his might was to make life painful and hateful (atleast from my point of view).

  4. This time I disagree with Wedad. God is not fair… but thankfully, He is gracious. If I got what I deserved I’d be in trouble, but in His mercy he has blessed me more than I can imagine!

  5. is it??
    jano bakeateeni b el soora elli ba3ateeli yaha
    ya allah i got all these mixed feelings, and i’m gonna post it
    thank u for that my dear. i really miss u jano

  6. well.. it was never fair.. except for the moments i challenged someone to do sth to prove that he’s fair !!!!! yeah he does it in the name of life sometimes, but on the other side.. life was never fair ! life kicks us in the teeth yet somethin’ makes us crawl.. back for more !

  7. nour this is for u
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  9. NaturalBlu // its an evryday scene sis …. ask me 🙂

    or when they said ! life sucks ! eh ! why sucks ….. you suck …. coz you don know how to live your life you said life sucks !!! hehe …. weird people

    the problem is with humans not life !

  10. Life seems to be unfair only when life circumstances and events dont fit our expectations. The day we stop telling life what should and what should not happen, Life will seem fair, life consists of both good and bad, devil and devine, theres no devil who is responsible for all bad deeds and no god who knows nothing but good and beauty. Life contains all, pleasure and pain, dark and light,agony and ecstacy, birth and death, music and silence… all life circumstances play together in harmony, life looks unfair because we reject things we label as negative, and wish only for what is positive, for instance life has both happiness and unhappiness in it, we feel good when happiness is present, the moment happiness leaves and sadness settles, we feel like victims in the hands of life..we forget all the beautiful moments that happened in our lives and start mourning…but what is wrong with sadness in the first place ? its exactly like asking for the rising sun not to set…or for the hot summer to stay forever, we are certainly asking too much !! life will continue its natural course and wont even bother ..Both the good and bad come from the same source, our life source, some call it god…i choose to call it life, the word god doesnt sound so godly to me, all comes from life and all come with a reason behind it. There are no accidents in life,and it is always up to us what we make out of them, we can either choose to embrace all life experiences and thus grow throu them, or reject them and get locked in a circle of infinite negativity, and start finding lame excuses like i dont have luck , i have karma debts from my past lives, i was born in sin or god must be testing me and all sorts of religious and ideological crap ..everything shall pass and every space shall turn to its other polar space, pleasure will become pain eventually and again pain will become pleasure again, pain can’t stay forever…so it is with all polarities in life, we call them opposites, they are rather complementaries, if we start watching how life keeps changing, a point comes when we feel that life is absolutely fair, because we will come to know that the hard and difficult is as much needed as the light and easy. we human beings grow only in difficulties…life brings difficulties to make us grow and evolve, its a sign of caring, life cares about us,we should not believe this, we should start to FEEL that yes ( it cares ) . Its the attitude that we take on life that determines ultimately, if somebody sees the whole world blue colored,its more likely that their glasses are blue,the whole world cannot be blue. In short, imagine somebody who has never known a moment of pain in his life, will he ever be able to even recognize pleasure ? he will need the contrast to compare…when we accept life’s circumstances we feel that its not only fair, its giving so much, more than we human being actually deserve.

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