Best Game Ever!

Its a flash game and so exciting 😀 try it ! you have to finish microgames in 4 seconds each. using only arrows and space bar.. it tells you in the begining of each one what to do! its really fun 🙂

last thing i got is 138 seconds.. get more if you can 🙂

Its so challenging !

This project had over 26 artists and programmers.
There’s over 5,000 lines of code in this game, all created in 28 days.
There are aproximately 781 elements, including 46 sound effects.
The rules of each game are vague , so learn the rules Quick!
There are 50 games total, but you choose how many you want to play.
Update: and just now i got 172 😀 yaaay!and it seemed i finished the first level and moved to the other one tho same games dono..

15 thoughts on “Best Game Ever!

    I reached level 3 and got 436 !
    I RULE !!!

    i could have gotten more too but they interrupted me 😦
    but YEAH I RULE !!! 😀

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