OMG!! the best birthday ever or what?!

thanks god a millions for the most AMAZING birthday ever😀

i got many many birthday wishes here and on phone and they are amazing! even from people i dont know and it was really appreciated like hell😀 thanks guys! first i have to thank people one by one!

Bakkouz for the amazing post and sms’s and call🙂
Dadan; for the amazing effort lol and still i want the mouse :p
Nour; you’re amazing man! thanks🙂 (ill show you guys what he did later)
Ali (Anando) thnks for the statistics i will read it asap🙂
Ahmad J; we missed you today wallah.. come back soon🙂
Janakats family and especially Dodo😉
Selina and 7amoudeh
whose birthday is today also🙂
Barhooooooooooom Ibra😀
Khairo , Ya7ya , lana , Lina , Manal, Spaghetti , Arwa, Maiso
Ma7moud and Qusai played a tune for me on guitars and named it Jano😀 thanks guys😉
Lo2ay , Janti , and some of the above ; thanks for coming tonight.. it was a great night dearest🙂
Tina , Tamara , Soso , Yazeed , 3ala2 ,
7amzeh and sami in my ex job
Dana koff and ma7moud , Rana alturk , Laila shabsough
and of course George🙂
3amo yanal and the family🙂
Arroush , Aussie mum and dad , orhan
last but not least my family !! Mom , Fatoom , Dad and ahmad.

and how can i forget people here on the internet and bloggers? guys u made me feel so special🙂 thank you omar thanks alot bs bekafe 100 :p, Matt yeah as if haha, Nadeen wow! thanks alot dear🙂, kinzi thanks alot, Severus i guess u said it perfectly 49 is amazing😀, mala2e6 ya3ni jd i dont know what to say😀 akhjalte tawado3e ya benet :p walek 3arase ente :*, bukah thanks 3o2bal manshoofak 3arees :p, Roba thanks alot dear🙂, Naryat i guess ur same my age getting older isnt cool at all :S, Ghaith thanks🙂, 7ala glad u loved the words🙂 thanks alot…, jameed ; thank you man o allah yer7am el tawjihi (ahbal mar7aleh be7ayate lol), Chet and Opairah thank you🙂
also Nour , bakkouz, dadan and fatoom.. thanks for writing comments too🙂

now the surprises!!!
I had an interview today and got a Job😀
other than the gifts i got today…
I got the most amazing post from bakkouz thanks alot🙂
at 9:50
(the time i was born): phone call from dadan (thanks alot, i loved it🙂 ), lana and bakkouz

and the funny chat and thing was made from Nour.
happy-birthday.JPG janocoloured.JPG

Now the video where Qusai and Ma7moud composed sth for me ,, at the end of it selina got a call and we laughed like hell,,, still dont know why :p

15 thoughts on “OMG!! the best birthday ever or what?!

  1. Well, a job interview + job, songs written by people, and birthday wishes from afar sound like a pretty damn good birthday! Happy birthday again!

  2. Matt; yeah its amazing😀 and thanks again

    Jameed; ahlan ahlan o thanks🙂 tho i miss tawjihi :S

    bakkouz thanks again🙂

    naturalblu walaw!😉

  3. Shant; you’re funny.. they dont even know how to play holiday!!😐 they are new guitar students!! maybe it sounds like holiday but its not.. ITS sad how some people cant even enjoy things :S how pity!

  4. i might be the last one wishing you a Happy Birthday, but better late than never right??🙂

    Dear cousin, wish you the best Happy Birthday, days of happiness and joy and wishes come true (sooner or later :~)

  5. Hey dear Jano…
    Don’t worry, i said “as long as you are not wasting time”…
    If you are making use of every moment in your life, then growing old means having more memories…
    and yes, dear.. we are the same age😉
    So you should believe what i say😀 i’m having your same experience…

  6. Moey; thanks dear🙂

    3ala2; hey cousin how you doin? how is deesana? and her beautiful mom.🙂 thank a lot for the wishes

    Naryat; hehe yeah you’re right😉

    leila happy birthday deaaaaaar :**

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