7 thoughts on “Have you filled the form?

  1. I can’t read Arabic. However, I love how you guys read right to left. The smiley face is at the right side, how odd! Satellite channel penalty? Man, that sounds kinda like Iranian dish confiscation. Uncool!

    where did u get this walek .. this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY…
    by the way.. I’m coming im march insted of may, so i’ll see u soon 😉

  3. Saned yeah 😀

    Matt; its a formal form that the husband asking his wife to go out with his friends or whatever and writing the hours he’s gonna spend out and all that and under that form there’s a form that the wife replied in formal if she acepts or not and why lol the third one is the penalties from 1 to 9 on husband.. number 9 was that the husband is not allowed to watch some channels that are known in the arab world with nice girls and he has to watch instead the sudia arabia tv and yeman.. which dont show girls at all lol if you want i can translate it all for you 🙂

    Maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii walek arraaaaaaab 😀 :**** miss you!

  4. hai il 3oqoobat kolha magdoor 3alaiha, bas ziyaret om il zawjeh hai yemken a3naf ishi, 3iqab shadeed hada 😀

    bas 3omomaan ana azon ino hada il form fikra mumtazeh jiddan o lazem to6abaq ijbariyan 3ala jameet il azwaj bil 3alam 😛

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