Shrine of Prophet Hud(Hood)

The other day we (me and my dad) were invited to a dinner to a friends’ house on a high hill in Jerash (for those who are not in Jordan, Jerash is a town near amman) anyway, the view from there was stunning! The other thing about it, that we didnt know the shrine of prophet Hood was there! and will be opened as they said by King Abdullah soon.. there was a cave and a small Jame’e (mosque). and a place for teaching Quran.. the design of everything was really neat! im sorry there isnt many pics and some of them where with “black n white” effect.. i noticed that after couple of pics :p

dsc01362.JPG dsc01363.JPG dsc01367.JPG

8 thoughts on “Shrine of Prophet Hud(Hood)

  1. wowwwwwwwwwww… : O

    masha Allah, if i live around the area. i’d love to travel around the places – it’s the cradle of the prophets isn’t it? it’s so fascinating.

  2. All I can say is Woooooooow, Very beautiful. If and right now that is a big IF I get the chance I feel like my granddaughter. Jordan is the place to visit. Thanks Jano for the pics.

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