How to make Noodles :)

Humbley and Proudly; i present to you, My Noodles 🙂

You just follow whats written on the packet hehe keep the pot shut like in pic1 and when the water boiled add the spices came with the noodles and other from your kitchen whatever they are.. and also keep the pot shut..

then after 2 minutes add the noodles and leave it till its done (with the pot shut!)  then ENJOY! 🙂
dsc01344.JPG dsc01348.JPG dsc01350.JPG dsc01352.JPGdsc01353.JPG 

And Last night’s Special 🙂 and you can check the date and time on the next pics :p

 dsc01354.JPG dsc01355.JPG

6 thoughts on “How to make Noodles :)

  1. bakkouz i agree

    Jad me too 😦

    jameed; hehe that was funny.. i didnt see this before 😐 im in blogs thing since feb 2006.. seems i missed alot

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