Your Voice is a Celebrity!


I was thinking the other day while watching The Lion King II “Simba’s Pride” about those voices used in the movies or cartoons, and I thought how possible for someone to act with only his voice?! And I guess it’s not that hard you should only go to the right place with the right direction. Something else; can you believe that some people act with their voice from home? I was amazed and found out that everything is possible.
It would be a really great experience! I checked this blog and thought you might be interested in this or even know everything about voice acting or celebrities and opportunities.
Good Luck 😉

3 thoughts on “Your Voice is a Celebrity!

  1. looool
    Yala every body, try ur voices, balkin bokra sme3na aswatkum bel cartoons!
    Jano ur voice workswell as a nice girl in cartoon movies 😉
    Bakkouz too, i think ur voice works for cartoons 😉
    I heared it in the video in Jano’s blog 🙂

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