This is one good chips!


I dont know if you tried this before cuz i accidently saw it while shopping yesterday which i rarely do! regardless to the fact that its NOT thicker or crunchier its yummy πŸ™‚ but i dont know if its even a natural salt and black pepper :S

ingredients natural?

5 thoughts on “This is one good chips!

  1. I tried this kind, and I liked it…but I’m sure I would not like it a single bit if bought anywhere other than here (the states)… love all types of chips and I’m addicted to Hot Cheetos and lately to Ranch Dip with wavy lays! BUT the problem is when visiting Jordan and Palestine I can never ever find the matching taste I am used to … Their chips, though lays and doritos and cheetos brands, taste so horrible! So I go an entire month without a single bag of chips! (that works well for my hips, so I shouldn’t be complaining :d)

    Ola, you’re in such a loving mood today πŸ˜€

  2. Lays are good, but have to agree with Matt on the peppers. Sorry I haven’t been around more. I have been very lazy in looking at my favorite blogs. Will try to do better.

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