Bakkouz,Jad and Hashem Visiting me, Review!

Yesterday evening, bakkouz and jad with our third friend “hashem” , visited me at home and it was a really nice visit, thanks guys 😀 we ate some Haliva and Tabouleh, this is becoming a tradition! hehe

I took some photos which i will show you in a minute but have to say thanks to Jad for installing some important stuff on my PC and taking some photos with his cam.. and bakkouz for bringing me some dvds 🙂 Hashem, thanks for being there and eating :p lol Hashem was invited for ftoor couple of days ago and he brought us a very nice gift , thanks and good luck in australia, we gonna miss you 😦

some pics gone 😐 anyway, it was really nice and was a bloggers meeting of 4.. Me, Bakkouz, Jad, and my sis Fatoom

while eating Jad drinking Tea Hashem attacking tabouleh oops! where's tabouleh? dsc01322.JPG dsc01324.JPG 280491757_ff071cc3a3.jpg 280492321_69962bc912.jpg 280492560_831d3361251.jpg 280492788_086f3d6e7b.jpg 280493074_d8ea8ee552.jpg 280493340_71d5b7c48d.jpg

and this is the “Bye Bye” video :p

3eedooha 🙂

8 thoughts on “Bakkouz,Jad and Hashem Visiting me, Review!

  1. looks like so much fun.. i’m glad u were all happy.. jano, take some pictures when u go to irbid too. .especially the food.. i wanna see dema’s cooking LOl..

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