First Day of Eid, Review

Well, i dont want to say that i hate eid but i welcome you to take a look at my usual first day of eid.. and you judge!

wake up very early and take a shower, then breakfast and dress up for goin out.. so about 9 am we get in the car, the five of us, (dad, mom, me, sis, bro), and start visiting relatives.. now it may seem all good and ok till i tell you why i hate it.. dad’s side: 7 aunties and 3 uncles. mum’s side: 5 aunties + 2 uncles in jordan, mum’s uncle and aunties, grandpa,ma , and few other realatives..

starting to be scary ha? now wait for the worst part! every and each house is a routine, we get in, mwah mwah and hugs, happy eid happy eid, coffee, tea, cookies or whatever, and chocolates. now first and second houses its ok but when we visit all these people i mentioned above and a lil more, what do you think it will be like? 😐  and if you refused to eat cookies or drink tea at some, they think u dont like them and they get upset with their looks :S im really sick of all these stuff.. 😦 el 3ajweh tel3o men 3enay o denay 😐

hey still. Happy eid! hehehe will tell you if some interesting things happened, maybe like having guests instead of goin to them! huh! still funny isnt it?

btw, we just got home and we’re all almost dead, so sleepy and tired :S
catch ya later 😉

7 thoughts on “First Day of Eid, Review

  1. kol 3eid o enti b 5ear ya jano.. walahi u made me laugh, i felt like i’m in jordan while reading this post, i really miss all that (but not the eating part) 😀 thank god that the only ma3mool i have to eat now is my mom’s (which i really love)
    hope u have good time for the rest of 3eid
    say hi to every one for me..HaPpY EiD 😀

  2. very great description of what happens …

    advice: for ma3mool or anything else its much easier to take what ever they offer then but it side than refuse it because if refuse they will insist as they swear to end all eid 7elo..
    the much funnier you visit some and after less than half day they will reply the visit to you -notice that the people forget 365 day for visiting and want to compact that in just three days???-

  3. You desribed that SO wonderfully – really GREAT!!
    I OWE YOU BIG TIME dear … I’ll write ASAP!! Thanks a million in the meantime!!! LOVE YOU MUCH!! 🙂

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