Can You or itoot Answer this?

the thing is i applied to toot long time ago and i wasnt added till now.. why? no one knows why but i knew that a big berry (without mentioning the names) said that my blog “isnt that good!” in arabic: mesh bezyadeh!

ok lets have a look what i have here in the blog; just a quick glance:

I shared with you lots of things like My Poems and my photos and photoshop trials which i call Masterpieces , shared some funny videos , and did an interview with Bakkouz and some said its the First Jordanian Video cast , check the comments btw.

Shared my picnics and photos on Dokhqan , Madaba , Aqaba and Wadi Rum
and shared my saddness and happiness sometimes , and other times about real stuff happening around us.. including science stuff and literature .. talked also about my roots with loyality to Jordan, about my family, and the Ultimate Compitition , then announcing the winner with a certificate ive done on photoshop! 😀

and some weird and useful info.. others about down town , or Telecom Circle , and introducing new inventions , warnings , things in the world that may concern us, nice games and quizzes , and not forgetting the world cup parts , talking about a big event with more than 100 comment which i call great job specially that the organizers from UK linked to my blog as a reference and sent me an email tellin me they are willing to give me free backstage access and meeting the band! 😀
talkin about war and personal opinions , way far from that: latest so-called creative tag!
Also talking about my travels to Istanbul and Uzbekistan.

with lotsa other things like Thank you toot!
I’m telling you now, i dont wanna be in itoot anymore.. but i wish i could know the criteria that toot chooses its “berries”
onething left, the frustration of a lot of people didnt come from jealousy.. it came of creative minds of cool creative people “squirrels”.. i believe.
at last : im not against toot or anything else.. just was another thought that hit my mind… “Why i wasnt added?”

14 thoughts on “Can You or itoot Answer this?

  1. We all know that you’re creative and we all love and read your blog, i don’t know what criteria they use for selecting blogs, but i’ve always said and demanded that they add you too, i even threated to destroy them but they managed to escape 😛

  2. Jano dear, everything is taken in consideration?
    and why toot if you can join thr fruitville, we accept berries as well :D, just wait and you’ll be added to our aggregator 🙂

    another thing: you were one of the best reporters about the cancelled anathema show.

  3. Never forget the die-hard Brazil posts! 😀


    Shoftee b 3einek,
    I asked this question gabel ayya ishee, inno what’s the criteria…


  4. OF COURSE you should be added – they just don’t have an idea about your qualities!! Don’t let it get to you dear … you’ll find something BETTER!!
    LUV YA MUCH!!! 🙂

  5. bakkouz and dadan thanks 🙂

    Moey; no i sid i dont want to be added anymore .. and about anathema, yeah it was amazing even mute and others announced things through my blog 😀

    Omar; wow 😀 you guys remember also hehe yeah it was die hard 😦

    Reem; hey im in 😀

    Karin; LUV YOUUUUU i forgot to mention that i sent the “comment 1000 prize” to Germany 😉

  6. Jano, if it was a question of merit, then your blog would’ve been there. I’ve recieved conflicting replies from the toot staff about the criteria, submission and rejection, and even asked for justifications a couple of times, unfortunately without any answer.

    To sum up the replies:
    1) We don’t want the aggregator to be accused of being too Jordanian.
    2) We have a certain criteria.
    3) We do not reject anyone, therefore can not send you a notification with the reasons why you were rejected.
    4) Oh.. and my personal favorite… silence 😉

    Don’t wonder too much, I am sure what people have seen in the recent days acts as a warning sign to the toot people 😉

    I believe a lot of people have decided not to join toot, you’re more than welcome to apply to Fruitville and recieve a fair notification according to the written review. 😉

  7. well am going to say 2 things
    1st- i dono what is big deal about toot that u (all) want them to let u in.

    2nd- jano dear i dont really think that u need them, i love ur blog same as alot, its really amazing, and i see the viewed number, its really good one.

    ps. all the blogs i saw that they said they sent application and wasnt accepted are really good blogs and i dont think they need toot for anything!!

  8. amino… yallah baseeta 🙂

    Naturalblu; 7abeebte inte :*

    nasimjo; wallah dont know what to say,, when someone maybe emotional or dont want to say another word is responsible for that, u get this.. so its natural i guess to have all that.. not all people are wrong you know.. and maybe you should go out a day or two with the one whos responsible 😀 gher haik wasta ma btenfa3..
    p.s i dont know whos responsible btw 🙂

  9. Clearly, Jano, the toot folks lack any discriminating sense whatsoever. Personally, I think your blog is excellent and I agree you certainly don’t need them. I’m glad you’ve realized that as well. Maybe that’s what I need to do with Jordan Planet, teehee. At any rate, keep up the excellent blogging.

  10. nasimjo we know 😉 hehe

    MommaBean i missed your comments 🙂 thanks alot for this comment its highly appreciated.. well, you see alot of ppl who work with toot work also in Jordan Planet..

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