Rain Rain Rain :D

I Adore rain and here are some photos on the way to PhiladelphiaUniversity to get my sister from there cuz she called me saying that it was raining like hell there and she needs someone to get her home.. anyway. on the way i saw 3 accidents, the first was a car on the road side upside down :S the second was a huge bus and a car, the bus seemed squeezing the car ! police had to change the way and close the road, but guess what? there is no other way but to cross through un paved way beside the main road.. the third was a car hit in the road side which happened to be rocks (part of a mountain) on the way back we saw a man and a woman with their baby under the rain so we picked them up to where they want and had to change the way alil, so that road was really bad and cars were drowning in that lake of … of …. of … well it was shit 😀 i swear loool i went reverse and changed the whole way hehe

dsc01255.JPG dsc01254.JPG dsc01253.JPG dsc01252.JPG dsc01251.JPG dsc01250.JPG dsc01249.JPG dsc01248.JPG dsc01246.JPG dsc01256.JPG dsc01257.JPG dsc01258.JPG dsc01259.JPG dsc01260.JPG dsc01262.JPG dsc01263.JPG dsc01264.JPG dsc01265.JPG dsc01266.JPG dsc01267.JPG dsc01269.JPG dsc01270.JPG

6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain :D

  1. walahi ya jano enha sowar btrod el roo7
    jad yeslamo edeeakio e7ki la fatoom kaman yeslamo kteer eshta2t la jaw el matar 3annao 5soosan o ana meaw7a mn el jam3a 🙂
    take more pictures and put it here ok

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