What i miss..

I’ve been tagged by Moey 🙂

What 5 things do I miss about My childhood?

1) Old cartoons.

2) No Worries.

3) Chasing Butterflies and grasshoppers

4) School

5) Dreams

5 thoughts on “What i miss..

  1. kater 5ear space toon ya jano mo m5alyeh majal la 7atta neshta2 la el ols cartoon, ana sha5seyn lessa ba7dar cartoon all the time :o).. lsn bedek ana 3endi CD’s la abtal el mala3eb (7ameedo shamel) ab3atlek eyah 😀

  2. You stopped dreaming! Well I sometimes dream even that I know that I’m fooling myself but it important to dream once in a while 🙂

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