Ramadan and Food

For some reason food in ramadan has another taste.. Im full! really full😀 its a great feeling!

yesterday, friday, we invited about 50 persons to our house for Iftar.. i doubt that you can imagine how it was.. all crowded and messy. but still nice. alot of kinds of food! my favorite moment😀 hehe there was shushbarak, rice, wara2 o koosa , Kubeh and msakhan rollat (my dad’s invintion)😀

after Ftoor we played Bingo and made a small birthday with cakes for two of my cousins.. i dont remember what happened exactly cuz it was really chaos !

Alot asked me about my unemployment life, i have to tell you my friends, its wonderful😀 and im enjoying it, but still looking for Job so keep that in mind😉 hehe

15 thoughts on “Ramadan and Food

  1. Mmm…food. I just came back from McDonald’s of all places. I usually don’t eat it, but it was the only place within walking distance that was still open. I got to take part in a great tradition at my university: I am now a Walk Drive-Thru veteran!

  2. Bakkouz it was cakes and warbat and other stuff😉

    Moey; Poor you:\ ta3al eftar 3ena

    Matt; i dont eat from McDonald’s since i had a bad health cuz of it.

    leila; i dont eat alot at eftar but i keep eating all night heh people wonder how im still thin :p

  3. ya allah ya jano shawa2teeni la 3azayem ramadan b amman. jad ramadan in jordan elo ta3em tani.
    btw, ana jarabet el wara2 ta3 mamtek.. beshaahhiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmm🙂
    sar jay 3alabali akol 3andkom again..
    beseer twaseeha 3ala tab5et dawali lama aji hehehe🙂 o bel marra shwayet warbat law sama7ti .. esmi jay o jay😉

  4. walahi miss u too. kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer miss u kaman
    walek yalla a3teeha ships o basta, ya3ni hadi bedha so2al
    jad miss u ya sooseh

  5. Those foods make me drool!! I am hungry, waiting for Iftar .. and read about those yummies! You should hear my stomach now ….😉
    You have Iftar earlier .. I have to wait today till 18:49 local time!
    I’m as well looking for a new job …
    BIG HUG!!

  6. alf sa7a walah .. o nshalah tkone akalte mo bs 7ake..😛
    walah ya5te la another taste wala eshe ! eza ana ele bakol el a5dar wel yabes ma 3am bakol b ramadan! fe eshe 3’alat b ramadan hada! o ANA O6ALEB BE DERAST SHAMELAH LEL MAWDO3

    gal fatoom bt7ke azka akel akel mama! aked lama takle o ma t5ale la 7ada akel bedek te7ke haik😛

  7. Mai; :*

    Karin; you fast? wow😀

    Nostra loool thanks for the comment and wallah bs 7aki lesa akle mesh hal ad :S o fatoom sarat bedha etta3meene ad ma btakol! bedha testa7ne😐

    Moey; sure😀 we’ll arrange it awal ma nekhlas men el 3azayem😉

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