Please Help! Lost in Time!

Time is ticking

I have a million thing to do and another million thing on my mind, but what do i do? nothing!! absolutly nothing! i feel so busy all the time and dont have even one minute to do anything :S but when i look at what i have done i find nothing! so how many times i said the word nothing? alot.. cuz its really driving me crazy this time management thing.. i dont know how to manage my time with the things i have to do 😦 i tried “to do list” and tried the calender and many other things but nothing works! pease Help!

I need to send the gift i promised Karin, can you believe i didnt yet 😦 i feel so ashamed! and i need to go to the guitar lessons which im delaying each time, and need to read a book ive borrowed ages ago! and had to finish some web work for my dad that i promised to do before he gets retired :S now he doesnt need it and i deleted the files yesterday 😦 can you see how pathetic i am? and i have to learn how to cook and sew and need to change some things in my room.. and i have to do alot of other things, most of them i promised people to do 😦 and its not me to say sth and dont do it!

and this starting them one by one isnt working cuz when i start doin sth another thing pops in my mind and i find myself doin the other thing, etc..

now; i know you guys have alot of ideas and solutions so hit me with it please 😦

4 thoughts on “Please Help! Lost in Time!

  1. This is a normal feeling when you have so many short-time goals, and some of them you don’t feel like doing Jano! 🙂

    What you have to do is to decide what things you “really” want to do, sort them according to importance and nearness of deadline, then start doing them immediately. It may be a good idea to start with simple things as well (maybe like sending your friend Karin the gift, am not sure if it needs a lot of effort, but it’s up to you :D).

    Considering your guitar lessons and learning how to cook and sew, the best thing to do (from my own experience) is to “throw” yourself at them and start immediately, but only if you’re sure you want to do this.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. You’re not pathetic, you’re the Greatest, you’re just overwhelmed, its ok we all go through such phases sometimes, it’ll all be ok i’m sure, also you know that i’m always at your service if you allow me to do anything for you 🙂

  3. ok here is what you gona do ..
    Write a list .. with EVERYTHING you have to do ..
    make a cup of coffe, get a pack of good smokes,
    and start thinking how the hell you gona finish all these stuff …
    NO TIME, AND YOU are tired .. OH .. what you gona do ..

    maybe you will find a solution … i do that all the time ..
    ah and maybe you gona cry after 20 mins .. bass kaman mo moshkleh …
    i think am not helping … ill go and look at my list

  4. FIRST – don’t worry AT ALLL dear Jano – and PLEASE don’t feel embarassed!!
    To manage time is not THAT difficult – I did master it quite efficiently (but ONLY if I WANT – NO force!)
    What I do is write down the evening before what I need to accomplish the coimng day – usually in my notebook. Appointments, urgent things FIRST of course. The minor things like shopping for food ect – mostly on a paper (which I usually forget at home 🙂
    In the morning then I check my book and start doing the IMPORTANT things pretty much right away – AND DO NOT STOP TILL I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THEM! Believe me, once they are done – it gives a REAL good feeling … and then you can schedule the rest of the day for all the other stuff!

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