Jano’s Anti Virus

It may sound strange but no i didnt create an anti virus.. the thing is:
I fixed my boss’s home PC after it was infected with a Trojan horse, and Norton itself! couldnt fix it 😀

I will tell you the story very short, my boss brought his Home PC to the office and asked me if i can fix it and try that anti virus i installed in “el Basha’s” PC, he said if it didnt work its ok he would find someone else, it didnt feel ok to hear that! like whats wrong with me! anyway, i could manage to fix it tho it was hardly working! that when it did.. and i called him and told him that it was done 😀 he said: NOW YOUR ANTI VIRUS IS BETTER THAN NORTON??? I replied: SURE!! hehe he said sure?! and said thank you thank you.

So now the mystery is: what is MY anti virus? :p

10 thoughts on “Jano’s Anti Virus

  1. Since I took Norton out three years ago and started using avg, I have had no troubles with trojans. AVG took care of them for me. It does sound to me as if you got one heck of a anti-virus program.:)

  2. i think you formated the computer, that what ill do …
    is the answer format?
    DO I WIN .. DO I WIN ..
    ME WILL jump .. jump and jump … u know the word is funny after repeating it for a while jump jump jump jump … mo?

  3. bakkouz knows cuz he’s the one who recommended that one long time ago..

    leila no its not..

    Chet; you’re using the right one 😉

    naturalblu; expect the unexpectable 😀 lol

    Qwader nop its not the one

    bakkouz no dont say!!

    dadan; format is losers first solution :pPp hahaha


  4. Personally, I never get viruses….
    But to fix them (for people who do) I isolate the virus, deprive it from resources and then I attack it by debugging the code itself.
    Basically doing what the anti-virus would do, but manually.

    I don’t recommend anyone to try this, unless they know what they’re doing!

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